Distribution Warehouse Cladding

Exterior Wall & Roof Cladding

We produce steel profiles and soffits for warehouse wall and roof cladding. Steel coils of 12 and 15 tonnes are produced with a maximum speed of 120 metres per minute and the changing of the machine for another profile only takes 15 minutes. Whatever your choice may be, trapezoidal profiles or soffits, the basic material is always galvanized steel Z275. The profiles are suitable for all kinds of construction – for industry, shops or workplaces.

Muller chilled warehouse cladding panels showing detail

Muller chilled warehouse in Shropshire – roof showing detail

The profiles can be delivered per 10 mm with a minimum length of 2,000 mm and maximum length of 18,000 mm. Our panels can also be used for a flat roof application with supplementary roof sealing such as PVC sealing. These panels are erected easily and relatively quickly and can be fixed crossed with secret fixing using foamed-in omega profiles. These panels are ideal for the construction of distribution warehouses. In the UK we have been privileged to supply a range of these for Tesco, DHL, Muller Dairies and Unilever. See also our automated freezer warehouse case study.

The finishing options on our panels can be a choice from:
Lacquered galvanised steel plate + protection film
HDP 35 my
High Durable Polymer
PET film 55my
Polyestercoating + Polyethylene-tereftalate film
15my interiorcoating
Others: ALUMINIUM ZINC – without protection film.