Controlled Environment Orders

We have worked in the insulation panel sector for well over 30 years. In that time we have designed, supplied and installed all types of panelled and controlled environment rooms from cold storage rooms to test chambers and warehouse storage facilities. Today we take a look at the Controlled Environment sector. In 2021 there was no let-up in the demand for all types of controlled environment, so we thought we would share some details behind just a few of the orders we have been busy servicing.

Roylance Pharma 4,300m³ Controlled Environment Storage Facility

In 2021 pharmaceutical storage became one of the most valued types of storage. The primary reason driving this was, of course, the global pandemic. With the advent of testing and mass vaccination programmes there has been an increased demand for temperature controlled storage. Roylance Pharma afforded us the opportunity to quote for, supply and install for them a large storage facility, some 4,300m³ in size.

These photos taken during the installation help to give some idea of the scale of this type of controlled environment. During 2022 we will be installing several more rooms of similar size for the company.

controlled environment storage facility
controlled environment under construction

Pharmaceuticals Testing/Control

The pandemic also had a bearing on another order we received in recent months. This time it came from the scientific/research side of the pharmaceuticals industry.

The client was Thermo Fisher Scientific, a company renowned for its services in life sciences, industrial and applied sciences, diagnostics and lab solutions.

Their expertise in the field of cell biology is exemplified by the fact that they developed a PCR diagnostic kit for health labs for fast diagnosis of COVID-19.

In 2021 we supplied them with no less than five units of climate controlled rooms.

It is a privilege for us to know that we are helping such companies achieve their new and challenging goals.

Environmental Test Chambers

Our supplies of controlled environment rooms are not limited to the UK. In 2021 we exported two environmental test chambers to Germany. The client: Weiss-Technik which specialises in environmental simulation systems.

Essentially, the company tests the performance of products under strictly controlled conditions. The test criteria will vary – eg. range of heat or cold that can be withstood, response to humidity, etc.

Such environmental factors are crucial for manufacturers to understand so that they can be confident in their product’s performance.

NOTE We have supplied many custom designed test chambers over the years. One notable instance was when we designed and built an immense, highly specialised controlled environment test chamber for transport technology specialists Cosworth Engineering in the UK. It had to be big enough to house a bus! Read more here.