Case Studies

As a leading supplier and installer of polyurethane insulation panel products, we have received many approaches over the years from companies and organisations with a particular refrigeration, cold room or controlled environment problem that needs resolving. With so many applications for insulation panels, there is a wide variety of case studies we can quote.

Drawing on our extensive experience as a maufacturer and installer of this type of specialised product and having the back-up of a long-standing, ongoing Research and Development programme, we are able to rise to the challenge. Often it results in our providing a bespoke, custom designed solution for the client. Here are some examples of the projects we have undertaken which in some cases have been unique.

Case Study 1

Controlled Environment Test Chamber
Client: Cosworth Engineering

We were invited to supply a controlled environment test chamber for a highly specialised automotive engineering project at Cosworth Engineering. The chamber was for testing mixtures of fuel in aspirated engines so it had to be temperature controlled and house an integral rolling road. The room also had to be large enough to accommodate a bus. We came up with a bespoke design that fulfilled all the client’s requirements. The key elements of the design were the suspension of an insulated floor above the rolling road drive mechanism, a chamber temperature control operation within a range of –40 to +40 and the provision of a large fan mechanism within the chamber in order to create the wind chill factor on the front of the car. Attached to the main chamber were several smaller rooms, also temperature controlled, where additional engines could be tested. We supplied everyting except the rolling road. Part of the bespoke solution was the manufacture of a special panel where we combined mineral wool with polyurethane to offer a better noise reduction capacity.

Case Study 2

Clean Room
Client: Bespack
Manufacturing medical devices such as medical check valves and actuators carries with it stringent requirements for the quality of the production line and its environment. Bespak needed a sterile room where 2 x 7,000kg mobile cranes could operate lifting injection heads and within a controlled temperature of 50 degrees (+ or -5) and humidity of 20. We were involved in both the design and installation of the clean room which also housed air locked doors and interlocking doors for access by manufacturing personnel. The clean room was 90 metres long, 70 metres wide and 5.5 metres high. Read more about our clean room technology.

Case Study 3

Freezer Warehouse (Industrial Wall & Ceiling Panels)
Client: Unilever
Working in conjunction with the installer, we supplied the panels for one of the largest industrial panel structures possibly ever built in the UK to date. The structure is in Gloucester and was built for Unilever & Partner Logistics UK. It is an automated freezer store warehouse where frozen foods such as ice cream are stored. The warehouse is a low oxygen environment and therefore has to be fully automated with computers controlling the movement and storage of palleted ice cream. The building is 330 metres long, 100 metres wide and 34 metres high.

Case Study 4

Freezer Rooms For Special Logistics (Industrial Wall & Ceiling Panels)
Client: Fisher Clinical & Cool Logistics
Temperature sensitive products require special handling, storage and transportation. We were asked to assist two separate companies who both have an involvement in this industry. Fisher Clinical needed freezer rooms for storage of their plastic freezer blocks so that they would be ready as and when required for shipping products and Cool Logistics also required freezer rooms for their specialist packaging which is used in temperature sensitive product logistics. We were involved in the design and installation of the freezer rooms in both cases.

Case Study 5

Tourist Exhibition Freezer Room (Climate Controlled)
Client: Natural History Museum, London – Ice Station Antarctica
This special exhibition, which since its launch has received much public acclaim, required a special freezer room to be built for visitors to walk through so they could experience the kind of low temperatures that exist in the Antarctic. We were involved in the design and installation. The exhibition has since moved on from London to other countries and is now on a world tour. Read more about our climate controlled storage solutions.