Refrigeration Systems Men On Their Travels

We have a core business of supplying refrigeration systems to UK customers. The refrigeration units are usually supplied as an integral part of our cold room supplies. The experience and expertise that we can offer in cold rooms and refrigeration, however, comes from our having a wide field of business activity in international markets. Having supplied many high profile organisations over the years, our Technical Director has pretty much seen it all when it comes to refrigeration needs!

He and other key personnel involved with our business travel overseas on a regular basis For example:

It might be to meet with a prospective refrigeration customer, as was the case of the olive grove owner in Italy who wanted to discuss temperature controlled storage for olive oil and whose ancient olive trees were featured previously in our blog.

It might be to attend an important refrigeration systems trade fair as was the case in Nuremberg last month

It might be to inspect the progress of a large ongoing project such as the Carribean modular housing work whose commencement was announced in this same blog earlier in the year.

Refrigeration Systems Coincidences

Today we can share with you a couple of photos that exemplify the sheer diversity of the places our personnel get to see. What’s more, both these pictures have an amazing, coincidental relevance to us as refrigeration and cold rooms suppliers!


Downtown Hong Kong

This photograph above was taken in Hong Kong by our Technical Director whilst in transit to New Zealand earlier this year. Being an island, space is limited and Allen wanted to take a snapshot that conveyed that feeling. What he did not realize at the time was that he captured a ‘Big M’ (bottom left hand corner). MacDonalds is one of the biggest names in the fast food industry and we are privileged to have supplied the company with cold room solutions in no less than 6 countries (Belgium, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine).

fish refrigeration

Riga Fish Market

This next photograph was taken in Riga by one of our senior personnel whilst en route for cold room discussions. Startlingly colourful it makes for a great picture and reflects the locality’s fresh fish supply chain. All the fish is displayed in refrigerated display counters behind glass screens. The coincidence here? Fish is one of the most popular items for which we have supplied cold rooms and refrigeration systems over the years. Our food industry clients who handle fish include supermarket giants Tesco¬† In fact, our Minibox small cold room has for a long time been popular with fishermen who use it for bait storage. So our cold rooms effectively refrigerate both the bait and the end product!